Using different methods to communicate: how adults with severe acquired communication difficulties make decisions about the communication methods they use and how they experience them (short summary)


The researchers interviewed several men with acquired neurological disorders about their choice of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods. They found that the choice of method used to communicate is individual and professionals need to take this into consideration when working with clients with acquired neurological conditions. Often different methods will be chosen for different situations and communication partners.

The findings of the study indicate the benefits of social media, digital communication and mainstream technologies as communication methods for people who use AAC. Participants were generally positive about the benefits of high tech communication systems, with some reservations.

Mainstream, multi-functional mobile technologies were preferred where these were physically accessible.

In order to best support a person-centred approach to making decisions about communication systems speech and language therapists need to be well-informed about developments in these areas.

More research is required into the use of social media by people with communication difficulties.

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