Jeff's experiences after leaving school


Born in 1980, Jeff used a communication aid for most of his school life. He was very proficient, and used it in all the lessons.  Jeff also used his aid in social settings, clubs and day centres, and was even one of the stars in a film made by a large disability charity, to raise awareness of the life changing benefits of AAC.

After leaving school, Jeff continued to use his aid, but without the support of some of the school staff, he used it less and less. Jeff’s parents didn’t understand how to maintain the device and it fell into disrepair. There was no link with adult speech therapy services, as no AAC adult services existed in the area where Jeff lived.

His parents did not know how to find any information to help their son.

Three years after leaving school, Jeff was without any means of meaningful communication. He became very frustrated, and severely depressed.

Jeff currently attends an adult day centre, five days a week, where he cannot join in any activities. Most of the day he sleeps in his wheelchair, and is taking high doses of antidepressant drugs. He has stopped interacting with former friends, and has little hope for his future.

Things you may want to look into: adult speech therapy services, AAC adult services

December 2012