Emily's story about making new friends


Emily, is 7 years old. She goes to a special school miles from home. She loves school and has lots of friends there. She is one of two children who use a communication aid in school. Her LSA and teacher are really pleased with her use of the machine, saying ‘we don’t notice she is using her aid because it is just her voice’. She has it with her all the time.

School put us in touch with a group called 1Voice for a fun family day. Emily and her older brother had a ball there but when we got home Emily said ‘it’s not fair that I don’t have friends who talk like me’.

As a parent it had never occurred to me that Emily would want friends who used communication aids. I am really pleased we found 1Voice because it has given Emily lots to be positive about but, unexpectedly, we have got a lot out of this too by meeting other families like ours.

Things you may want to look into: communication aids / aided communication, aac role models1Voice 

December 2012