Bill's experiences after a stroke


Bill and Marge had been a hectic pair, keeping everyone on their toes especially their grandkids. Bill woke up one morning and found that he couldn’t get out of bed and that Marge seemed to be speaking a different language (or at least that was how he remembers it). Bill had had a stroke. At 83 he had always kept himself fit and active, so this came as a bit of a shock.

Bill spent 3 months in hospital and during that time he re-learned how to walk. He found that he understood what people were saying, but they didn’t seem to understand him. He got quite annoyed about that and Marge remembers that this tended to make his speech even more difficult, with the words being more jumbled.

Bill saw a speech and language therapist for a while in hospital and then at home. She kept trying to get him to draw things he couldn’t say. He felt daft and didn’t see how that would help or work. Then she tried a filofax with words and photos in it. That was much better, Bill found that if he could see the word it helped him to say the word. The photos were more difficult – they didn’t help him say the word but it helped him get his point across to someone. The filofax was great, because he and Marge could add in things that were useful to them and the family. Then the grandkids got involved too, but soon they were putting all of these things on an iPod for Gramps. They loved it, he didn’t. Bill started getting out and about a bit more and was never without his filofax. In fact Marge was fairly sure he was starting to sleep with it under his pillow.

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December 2012