Factsheet - What is Aphasia?


  • It is the loss of language and communication skills
  • It usually happens after someone has had a stroke

  • Aphasia can affect people differently

  • Aphasia for some people means they find it hard to understand what is said to them, and often show signs of anxiety or confusion

  • Some people can understand most of what is said, if you speak steadily and there isn’t lots of background noise or activity

  • Some people can understand as well as before their stroke but find it difficult to think of the right words in their head and put those words together into sentences

  • Most people show signs of getting back some of their language and communication skills in the months and weeks after the stroke

  • Someone with Aphasia would be assessed by a speech and language therapist (SLT)

  • The speech and language therapist would give the person with Aphasia some exercises to practice to help get back some of their lost skills or to help them use new skills to get their message across, e.g. gesture and drawing or writing

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    December 2012