Perception and multimeaning analysis of graphic symbols for Thai picture-based communication system

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TitlePerception and multimeaning analysis of graphic symbols for Thai picture-based communication system
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractGraphic symbols are a vital part of most augmentative and alternative communication systems. Communication fluency of graphic symbol user depends on how well the relationship between symbols and its referents are learnt. The first aim of this study is to survey the perception of the selected graphic symbols across seven age groups of participants with different educational background. Sixty-five individuals identified themselves as Thai and ranged in age from 10 to 50 years participated in the investigation used 64 graphic symbols. The last aim of this study is to demonstrate the analysis of multimeaning graphic symbols, which will be used in Thai Picture-based communication system. The twenty graphic symbols with 9–14 meanings are analyzed in both syntactic and semantic aspects. The meanings are divided into five categories: noun, verb/adjective, size, color and shape. Respect to the first aim, the results suggest that the participants under investigation with different sexes, age groups, as well as various educational levels perceive the features or inherent characteristics of such graphic symbols similarly. The results of the analysis of multimeaning of graphic symbols indicate that the foundation of Minspeak, polysemy and redundancy of the words illustrates the inherit meanings of the real-life objects, and it also conveys that the Thai graphic symbols are influenced by numerous factors in Thai circumstance such as ability, motivation, experience, worldview and culture.
AuthorsChompoobutr, S., Potibal P., Boriboon M., and Phantachat W.
Year of Publication2013
PublicationDisability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology
ISSN1748-3107 (print), 1748-3115 (online)
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Keywords (MeSH)age factors, communication, comprehension, computer graphics, language, surveys & questionnaires, symbolism