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Welcome to AACknowledge, the AAC Evidence Base

This website is about communication methods and aids that can be used by people who have little or no clear speech. These methods are called Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). If you're new to AAC, we suggest you use the tabs at the top to find lots of information in easy to read formats, supported by useful links and definitions to give you a bit more information.


Project Final Report Published

A series of joint dissemination events took place in April & May 2013 across the UK to launch the AAC Evidence Base Project's final report 'Shining a Light on Augmentative and Alternative Communication'; the report gives an overview of all the strands of the project. Also published is a detailed research report 'Beyond the Anecdote' by the University of Sheffield (in collaboration with Barnsley Hospital).

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If you're familiar with AAC and understand a lot of the language, you may prefer to find evidence and information using Published Evidence (top left) or topic menus (right side). You can use the tabs at the top for information grouped by type rather than topic, or the tagcloud on the left. You can also just search the site for specific words and phrases.

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To find out about how this online, accessible AAC evidence base has been developed, read about the AAC Evidence Base research project.


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Copyright: This site links to publisher websites for journal articles and other publications; some of these are open access and can then be viewed in full, but most are protected by the publisher's copyright. We are, however, in the process of gaining more comprehensive journal access to selected publications in order that they will be accessible through this website. We have provided a full bibliography and acknowledged all publication sources and authors, where known. Standard copyright and intellectual property rights have been complied with in sharing such evidence on this site and you should continue to comply with these laws.

AAC Journal is the official Journal of ISAAC, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. ISAAC and Informa (the publisher of the AAC Journal) have provided a number of articles that can be freely downloaded from:

Please note that appropriate care has been taken to ensure that all information included in this database is accurate. Content includes published work reflecting the perspectives of many different authors/editors and any opinions expressed may not reflect the opinions of Communication Matters. We would be pleased if you contact us as soon as possible if you find any information which you believe to be inaccurate or offensive. Thank you.

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