Reconstructing the Voice of an Individual Following Laryngectomy

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TitleReconstructing the Voice of an Individual Following Laryngectomy
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractThis case study describes the generation of a synthetic voice resembling that of an individual before she underwent a laryngectomy. Recordings of this person (6–7 min) speaking prior to the operation were used to create the voice. Synthesis was based on statistical speech models and this method allows models pre-trained on many speakers to be adapted to resemble an individual voice. The results of a listening test in which participants were asked to judge the similarity of the synthetic voice to the pre-operation (target) voice are reported. Members of the patient’s family were asked to make a similar judgment. These experiments show that, for most listeners, the voice is quite convincing despite the low quality and small quantity of adaptation data.
AuthorsKhan, Z. A., Green P., Creer S., and Cunningham S.
Year of Publication2011
PublicationAugmentative & Alternative Communication
ISSN0743-4618 (print) 1477-3848 (online)
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Keywords (MeSH)communication aids for disabled, family, laryngectomy, patient satisfaction, phonetics, voice quality