Improving web access for individuals who rely on augmentative and alternative communication

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TitleImproving web access for individuals who rely on augmentative and alternative communication
Publication TypeJournal Article
Type of WorkResearch Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S.
AbstractPeople with significant speech and motor disabilities often face obstacles attempting to navigate the World Wide Web. This is especially true for the millions of children and adults worldwide who rely on or could benefit from augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). This study was designed to test the usability of WebAACcess™, an accessibility enhancement tool designed to bypass some of the barriers to navigating the web. Using a repeated-measures research design, whereby subjects were their own controls, each of the 12 participants (7 with motor disabilities who used AAC and 5 peers without disabilities) navigated equivalent web pages using Internet Explorer alone and Internet Explorer with WebAACcess. Results consistently demonstrated that navigating using WebAACess with Internet Explorer was more efficient, easier, and equally effective for all of the participants than navigating with Internet Explorer alone.
AuthorsBryen, D. N., Heake G., Semenuk A., and Segal M.
Year of Publication2010
Date PublishedMar
PublicationAAC: Augmentative & Alternative Communication
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Keywords (MeSH)adult, communication aids for disabled, communication barriers, disabled persons, Internet, middle aged, motor skills disorders, patient satisfaction, software, speech disorders, young adult