Fundamentals of the ImPAACT Program

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TitleFundamentals of the ImPAACT Program
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractResearchers widely agree that working with communication partners is a critical component of any AAC intervention program. However, it can be difficult for clinicians to know how to structure this type of indirect intervention to do more than “tell” communication partners of individuals using AAC what they “should” be doing. The ImPAACT Program is one intervention program that has been documented to yield positive results for clients using AAC. The program involves a structured multistep approach to intervention that clinicians can customize for use across a range of communication partners, clients, and instructional contexts. In this article, we provide an overview of the program’s instructional content, approach, and basis of evidence.
AuthorsKent-Walsh, J., and Binger C.
Year of Publication2013
PublicationPerspectives in Augmentative and Alternative Communication
ISSN1940-7475 (print); 1098-9056 (online)
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Keywords (MeSH)communication, interpersonal relations