Developing the ICF-CY for AAC Profile and code set for children who rely on AAC

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TitleDeveloping the ICF-CY for AAC Profile and code set for children who rely on AAC
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractWe describe the ICF-CY for AAC Profile, a tool to integrate information about the multiple factors affecting communication skill development and use in school-aged children with complex communication needs. The Profile uses the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health - Children & Youth Version (WHO, 2007) as its framework. We propose that the ICF-CY for AAC Profile constitutes a code set for AAC users and discuss the iterative process of code-set development. The Profile is one component of a proposed process to guide the development of educational goals for children in Grades kindergarten-12 who currently or potentially rely on AAC.
AuthorsRowland, C., Fried-Oken M., Steiner S., Lollar D. J., Phelps R., Simeonsson R. J., and Granlund M.
Year of Publication2012
PublicationAAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication
ISBN0743-4618 (print), 1477-3848 (electronic)
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Keywords (MeSH)adolescent, child, communication aids for disabled, disabled children, education, international classification of diseases