AraBoard: A Multiplatform Alternative and Augmentative Communication Tool

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TitleAraBoard: A Multiplatform Alternative and Augmentative Communication Tool
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractWe present AraBoard: an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) tool developed to facilitate functional communication to people with complex communication needs. The tool is formed by two different applications: AraBoard Constructor, for the creation and edition of communication boards, and AraBoard Player, for the visualization of the boards previously generated. The main features that distinguish our tool are that it is multiplatform, it is low-cost, and it is highly configurable, adaptable to a wide range of users’ needs by modifying different parameters like the number and size of the cells, inclusion or not of audio, etc. The development has been assessed through 295 enquiries done via web. The answers have been analysed and shown the high acceptance of the users.
AuthorsBaldassari, S., Rubio J. M., Azpiroz M. G., and Cerezo E.
Year of Publication2014
PublicationProcedia Computer Science
ISSN1877-0509 (print), 1877-0509 (online)
Publisher DOI
Keywords (MeSH)communication, communication aids for disabled, technology